Saturday, April 28, 2012

Could Your Facial Cleanser Be The Reason Why Your Makeup Never Lasts?

With warm weather finally here, many are reaching for long wearing formulas to keep our makeup looking fresh all day long.  Some of us, however, feel like our makeup is constantly sliding off our face no matter what we use.

Before you purchase another primer, powder, or setting spray, make sure you’re not making this skin care mistake.

Many women find themselves frustrated with their skin and their makeup because they’re not thoroughly rinsing off their facial cleanser.  Leaving cleanser on your skin can cause irritation and—yes—breakouts. 

It can also sabotage the appearance of your makeup.

Facial cleansers contain detergents that remove dirt, debris, oil, and makeup by reducing the surface tension of water on the skin, so they can be easily rinsed away.  When even a smidgen of this detergent remains on the face, it will continue to create slippage on the skin, making makeup next to impossible to wear.  The second you apply it, it just seems to wear off.

Gel cleansers can be particularly problematic because they are more concentrated, making them more difficult to rinse. 

It’s equally important to make sure that you’re not using too much cleanser because this will cause dryness and sensitivity, as well as make proper rinsing a real chore.

Spending a little extra time splashing your face or adding a gentle toner into your morning skin care routine can ensure that every last trace of cleanser is removed before you start applying your makeup. 


  1. Great post! So informative! I have been absoultly loving your blog! Keep it up ;) I was actually wondering if witch hazel is a gentle enough toner to add to my routine? I have been using the cetaphil gel cleanser and I think I could benifit from a toner but its so hard to find one with gentle ingredients and no fragrance

    1. Hello Kelsey,

      I know many people (like my dad) swear by witch hazel, and I personally used it for a long time. However, I noticed that once I stopped using it a lot of the problems I attributed to other products went away and my skin became much less sensitive and unbalanced.

      You're right though. Most toners on the market are horrible and loaded with alcohol, menthol, fragrance, and other irritants. It can be very frustrating, especially if you live in an area with hard water where your skin can really benefit from "a rinse cycle."

      The best toners I've found on the market are by Paula's Choice. All of the skin care that I've tried from her line has been amazing, and fortunately she offers samples of almost all her products that you can order before you commit to something full-size. In her range, you can find ones that contain acne-fighting salicylic acid or more hydrating and nourishing ones designed for different skin types. They are all alcohol and fragrance free.

      If you aren't interested in trying out Paula's Choice, I would also recommend checking out her website Beautypedia. There she reviews tons of skin care products and makeup, and she has a designated page on there that lists what she thinks are the best toners on the market. I don't always agree with her opinion, but I do respect her research and think her reviews are worth reading if you're looking for something out there that doesn't contain loads of irritants.

      Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate all your kind words. I hope this was helpful. Stay in touch, and let us know if you try anything new.

      Good luck!